tatortdinner gross inaktivSuspect Dinner:

No matter if British High Class or Canadian High Society: The Suspect Dinner, the classic amongst all dinner events, always brings a stylistic Ambience. Enjoy a menu in proper society and be aware when the killing occurs, and help to identify the perpetrator.

Because the Erben Never Rest

A British Lord has died. Today, the testament is read to the British relatives and the guests get to know the rules of proper British behavior in a joyful way.
After the testament is read, it does not take long until there is another dead. Every one of the attendees could be a potential murderer and only an attentive audience can unravel what really happened behind the scenes.

Little Murders Amongst Friends

Three Canadian Society Ladies are traveling the world in order to fight for peace and humanity. Today, the social project is presented to the public and everybody is full of excitement. But then, a fight emerges amongst the ladies that ends in a terrible murder. The shock sits deep, but help from a local detective is near.
Once again, the invited guest are welcomed to puzzle over the case in order to identify the perpetrator.


mafiadinner gross inaktivMafia Dinner

The Last Supper

Dive into the world of the godfather and become an integral part of the family of Don Rizzo.
The don invites to dinner. All members of the clan show up and decide to end the fight against the family Dieci once and forever. But they make matters even worse: An expensive necklace was stolen and don Rizzo is considered as suspect. The godfather faces a mystery: Everyone of the attendant clan members could be the real perpetrator.


gruseldinner gross inaktivScary Dinner ( / Horror Dinner)

You are cordially invited to a scarily pleasant evening in the most gorgeous castles and restaurants in Switzerland. For such an occasion we let ancient narratives and legends come back to live. You will be guided by the audience favorite Igor and his master, and will witness together with them insane burgrave, torturers and evocators. In theatrical scenes and terrifying readings, we let the ghosts of the past speak - Of course, as always, with a healthy sense of humor. But do not forget the motto of any Scary Dinner evening: He who laughs the loudest faces the strongest fear.


hoefischesdinner grossCourtly Dinner:

The Life of Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser

A joyful gathering. Dive into the time of empress Elisabeth and emperor Franz Joseph. Accompanied by the servants you learn the peculiarities and rituals of the aristocratic society. Together with your guests you learn the formal curtsy and laugh about the manners of the peers. Our professional actors entertain you with games, Rituals and delicacies of the courtly time.
„The Life of Mr. and Mrs. Kaiser“ is the lovely subtitle of a program that will most certainly surprise and delight your guests. Perfect for your next occasion!

Emperor Franz Joseph and empress Elisabeth invite for the birthday of their beloved daughter Marie Valerie. The servants care for the well-being of the guests and prepare them for the reception of the aristocratic Family. Unexpectedly, the imperial couple and her daughter do not appear, and to worsen matters, a ghost joins the scene and messes with the thoroughly prepared manners and the whole royal household. The question emerges how the empress could preserve her youth and beauty for all the years.
But finally, the guests can celebrate and dance together with the royal family. A thoroughly exhilarated evening.


captaindinner 300x400Captain and Magic Dinner

Jump on board of our ship and join in for a ride on Lake Constance in a gorgeous setting with idyllic atmosphere.
Witness an evening full of wonders and a taste of Las Vegas. Let yourself be drawn into a world of glamour – diversified and humorous, with culinary and musical highlights.
Join in for an unforgettable evening with our captain and his crew, when it's time to say: „Ship Ahoy!“


Yet another Bride Dinner

Once again reviewing the most beautiful day. Once again wearing the most beautiful of all dresses.  And once again sitting together with family and close acquaintances to dream of old memories. How was that one day?, what do I want to re-life?, and what do I want to do differently this time? This is your occasion to celebrate one more time, to dance, to laugh, and to say „yes“.
Re-life your most beautiful day one more time: We organize everything. You enjoy, we care for your well-being. An adventure for all of your senses.
With the wedding dance we let you enjoy the night and your shared future.